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Austin Bound

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From the introduction and conclusion of Austin Bound:

I believe that November 1996 through May 2000 was undoubtedly the most difficult, darkest, and most challenging period of my life. This book was written to give its readers a glimpse of that time, to tell them about many events and people that would have an everlasting effect on me. The intent is not to provoke an attitude of pity for me from the reader. Instead, I believe that the events, struggles, and triumphs I experienced and describe here are true examples of how God can work in us and through us to empower us, helping us to change and grow. As I mistakenly attempted to create my own destiny, independent from God, I was driven by determination and pride. I wanted to prove to the world, and most of all to myself, that I could manage on my own. What I didn't realize was that God was just waiting for me to call upon him. Or was he? Now I believe he was actually working in my life even when I didn't recognize or comprehend it. If you put a relationship with God and his will for you first and foremost, then everything else you do will find a comfortable and appropriate place in your life.

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Reader Praise for Austin Bound

Shelley has an incredible memory for detail. The further into the book I got, the harder it was to put down. Shelley brings the challenges of a blind woman into focus for us sighted readers. I was touched by the struggles and shed tears of joy in the final chapters, where Shelley overcame so much. I love this book and plan on sharing it with others. I hope the book blesses every single person who reads it and that many, many people read it.
—Dr. Leelo Dianne Bush, founder of the Personal Christian Coaching and Counseling Academy (PCCCA)

An easy read showing the stresses of moves, dogs, and family. Gives a good idea of the ordeals a blind person faces, but in a style that gives a pleasant learning experience. I highly recommend this book for families with individuals that are seeing impaired. It will give you a heads up on what might well be in store.
—From a five-star review on Amazon

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About the Author

Shelley McMullen
Shelley McMullen

Shelley McMullen is a native of Houston, Texas. She is congenitally totally blind due to retinopathy of prematurity. She attended public school in Houston and will always be grateful for the variety of experiences that accompanied her public school education. She obtained a Bachelor of Music Education (BME) degree from Arkansas State University in 1976. She also has a Master's degree in counseling from the University of Arkansas.

Ms. McMullen lived in Little Rock, Arkansas for 20 years and was a responsible employee in the corporate world. She lived in Austin, Texas for five years and briefly worked at the state Rehabilitation Center for the Blind as a personal and social awareness instructor. She was hired for a summer position in 1999 as a volunteer coordinator for Goodwill Industries in Austin.

She met her husband, Joe, on June 2, 2000 at the state conference of the American Council of the Blind of Texas. They married on May 19, 2001. They currently reside in San Antonio, Texas, along with Shelley's most recent Seeing Eye dog, a female German Shepherd named Dolce.

Ms. McMullen has dual certifications as a Christian Life Coach (CCLC) and Professional Life Coach (PCLC). She has additional certification in wellness coaching. She is currently working toward completion of stress relief and grief/joy restoration coaching certifications. Ms. McMullen proudly obtains her certifications from the Professional Christian Coaching and Counseling Academy (

Ms. McMullen has a burning desire and willingness to serve as a blindness sensitivity coach as an integral part of her success in private practice. She desires to educate small business owners and their employees, transportation company employees, and much more. Her coaching and speaking approach is Christ centered. However, she is ready and willing to help you from your own perspective. She will respect your values and belief system. She will help you address your current needs. She is available to share blindness education and sensitivity training with church groups, civic organizations, and other relevant entities. As her private practice expands, she plans to provide wellness and stress relief workshops for companies and other groups in San Antonio and beyond. She is passionate about helping people who are struggling with grief issues.

Ms. McMullen is also a vocalist and author.

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