Penny Fleckenstein

Lessons in Love

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The 72 poems in this book cover many types of love: for the author's three guide dogs, for her six children, for her parents and grandparents, for God and nature, for her many friends, and in a handful of light-hearted selections, for food.

The many romantic poems express love for both real people and dream lovers, for ideals yet unattained. One of the most humorous poems, "Beautiful Music," which is cleverly composed primarily of song titles, appears in this section.

The introductory paragraphs that appear before many of the poems are an unusual and moving feature. Most of them introduce the people described in the following poems; they provide a rich background, fleshing out the characters. Others tell more about the author's life, from babyhood on, their spare words providing a brief but poignant autobiography. The reader is left hoping that someday, the author might choose to write more fully on these very personal subjects.

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About Penny Fleckenstein

Penny Fleckenstein was born in Thailand, totally blind from birth. She has raised four stepchildren and six biological children.

Penny graduated from Ithaca High School in Ithaca, New York, and was accepted into American University in Washington, D.C. She completed certification as a voiceover artist from

She remains educated by reading multiple books at one time, enjoying both fiction and nonfiction of many types.

She blogs at

Penny believes that no one should go hungry, be homeless, or experience violence of any kind. She feels that all are created by God and deserve respect, kindness, good pay for their work, and excellent healthcare. She believes in prison reform, a plant–based diet, and cruelty–free treatment of animals. She is a pro–life, conservative Christian who believes that everyone benefits while in a personal relationship with Jesus.

She lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with her three sons and her guide dog, Bryanna.