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Outside the Circle

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Outside the Circle is a collection of songs and poems I've written and composed through the decades. It's mostly dark, but for those willing to look beyond my personal demons, there can hopefully be found both flashes of resilience and rays of hope.

The book is dedicated first and foremost to my wife, Trish, who is a fantastic author in her own "write." Secondly, it is dedicated to everyone who feels bullied, feels different, feels alone, feels friendless, feels hopeless, and feels "outside the circle." The words "don't judge a book by its cover" spring to mind as apropos.

Outside the Circle

Outside the circle I can't see the sun
Outside the circle I don't know anyone
Outside the circle time is on the run
Outside the circle is not much fun

Inside the circle is a white-noise crowd
Inside the circle is fashionably loud
Inside the circle there are people with guns
Inside the circle is a lot of fun

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About Kevin Hubschman

Kevin Hubschman recently moved to Eastern Pennsylvania, where he lives with his wife, Trish, and their dog, Henry. He is an amateur musician and songwriter and has a vast and diverse collection of music, as well as a keen knowledge of most genres of music.

He spent most of his life living and working in downstate New York and Long Island. Now 59, he is enjoying his retirement and working on a novel loosely based on his life.

He would love to connect with people who could help transform some of the pieces found in this publication into polished songs.

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