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About the Book

Travel with the author from his youth in a small village in Iran, to two larger cities there, and then to America. He came here in 1976, at the age of 20, for an eye operation. Although the operation was not successful, his journey most certainly was.

Now an American citizen and a proud resident of Boston, Jalil Mortazavi has much to say about Iran vs. America, volunteerism, American culture and humor, and what makes this country a true home for him. His gratitude and optimism shine throughout the book. He concludes with a heartfelt essay in praise of Boston, a piece which was written in May of 2013, after the Boston Marathon bombing.

Mr. Mortazavi also discusses the relationship between Iran and the United States. He explores the history of the friction between the two nations and then expresses hope for improvement, now that Dr. Hassan Rouhani has been elected President of Iran.

The author has been a guest speaker for numerous organizations and institutions, as well as a guest on a number of different radio and television shows.

He is currently the editor of

Since 2000, he has been involved in the Iranian-American community and hosts an international satellite broadcast available in North America and Iran:

Contact the Author

Cell phone: 617-529-7247

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Farsi (Persian) Edition

Mr. Mortazavi has translated his book into Farsi, expanding it in the process. The Farsi edition is available at the following online stores.

E-Book Edition

Print Edition

Article about the Author

This article about Jalil Mortazavi was published in the Brookline TAB on November 29, 2016:

Interview with the Author

This interview with Jalil Mortazavi took place on WBZ Radio:

Photographs of Iran and America

A selection of these photographs appears in the English edition of the book — in color in the e-book, and in black and white in the print edition.

Ardabil, Iran

Ardabil, Iran

Ardabil, Iran

Azadi Square, Tehran

Azadi Square, Tehran


Bagh-e-Melli Gate, Tehran




Abington, Massachusetts

Jalil Mortazavi

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