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Howard Geltman is a Connecticut native, born in New Haven. After graduating from Oak Hill School for the Blind, he went on to earn his Associates Degree in Communications from the University of New Haven. While there he could be heard as a DJ on WNHU FM and other local stations as Morgan in the Morning.

After graduating, he moved to New York City and continued in radio communications until his vision started to change, leaving him no alternative but to choose a new career. He went to computer programming school and upon graduation was hired by Tufts New England Medical Center in Boston as a Systems Analyst. When his health changed again, he and his family decided to move to Connecticut so that he could find further employment with other options that were open to him through Services for the Blind.

Howard is a Master Mason (Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons) and a member of the Wethersfield Advisory Committee for Adults with Physical Disabilities.

He now resides in Wethersfield with his wife, son and two dogs: Emma, the family dog, and Valor, his Seeing Eye dog and faithful companion.

Contact Information

Phone: 860-563-3321

Howard welcomes speaking engagements.

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A Few Moments in Time

A Few Moments in Time is a wistful, emotion-filled memoir of a boyhood and adolescence spent at a Connecticut school for the blind in the 1960s and early 70s. Howard Geltman provides us with a detailed picture of his youthful past, complete with pains and pranks, and then a snapshot of his impressive achievements in adulthood. Honest, funny, informative, and often deeply moving, this is a tale of the triumph of determination over disability.

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Comments from Readers

From sick-to-his-stomach first day jitters, through adolescent "love at first right hook," to the poignancy of high school graduation, Howard Geltman, in describing his experiences at Oak Hill School for the Blind, has told a universal story. All of us, sighted or not, can relate to the joys, the crushes, the insecurities, and the pranks... oh, the pranks! Howard captures a piece of precious time and has told it so well I felt I was there.
Rebecca Earl, PhD
Vice President for Programs and Staff Development, Oak Hill School (Retired)

This special memoir glows with warmth, affection, and compassion. It's about being different - and making a difference. Mr. Geltman uses wry humor to deflect the deep ache that comes with living in an imperfect world. He shows how the pain of rejection can be transformed into the joy of self-acceptance. The narrative has everything: adventure, comedy, romance, poignant moments, and good lessons. It resounds with enthusiasm and trust in the possible. The overarching theme is of the ability of kindness and decency to triumph over depression and despair.
Dr. Seth Daniel Riemer
Rabbi, Temple Beth Torah, Wethersfield CT
Adjunct Professor, Southern Connecticut State University

Howard Geltman is a gifted storyteller with an amazing memory. My sister, Tina, grew up with him and also attended Oak Hill School for the Blind. We lived near the school, so I was astonished and delighted as I took this journey with him back to the past. Here he recounts numerous boyhood trials, accomplishments, and hilarious escapades. He shows that a disability does not have to define you or limit you as long as you keep a sense of adventure and seek out joy, love, and friendship.
Carla Grimes

A Few Moments in Time is a spectacular book full of fun and many touching moments. Howard Geltman allows the reader deep into his soul. He shows us that no matter how difficult the road may be, there is always hope. He also shows what a special commodity friendship is. I laughed and cried throughout the whole book, which has a little of all of us in it. How I wish I had had the courage to pull these kids' ingenious pranks! Let this wonderful book take you away for a little while to another time and place.
John Ryan

Howard's recall for details is so extraordinary, I felt he had taken me by the hand to accompany him on his journey. Filled with humor, insight, and honesty, "A Few Moments in Time" is more than a memoir about a young boy who is blind growing up in a sighted world. It is a fascinating glimpse into the world of blindness that left me feeling not pity, but a profound recognition that being blind does not all define who you are. Howard and his friends are some of the most likeable, creative and imaginative I have ever met!
Suzanne Heise