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Whales and dolphins are falling ill all throughout the Atlantic Ocean! Cherish and her family of Pilot Whales have been fleeing as far from other animals as possible, but some of them have begun to show symptoms. When danger closes in from all around them, will the Dolphin Riders make it in time to save the day?

In this highly original book, the author combines a gripping fantasy story with impressive amounts of factual information about marine life. While the beautiful color photos illustrate the real world of marine mammals, aquatic plants, and sea birds, readers of all ages will enjoy using their imaginations to picture the magical Isle of Cetacea and its eternally young inhabitants.


A praise-filled review of Stranded from Literary Titan

April 2024

Stranded whisks readers away to a fantastical underwater realm that is rich in adventure and environmental awareness. The story is centered around a group of immortal Dolphin Riders and their aquatic steeds. The narrative deftly intertwines magic, youthful heroism, and a deep respect for marine ecosystems. As the Riders confront "The Great Sickness of Old," threatening sea life across the Atlantic, the book skillfully balances thrilling escapades with educational insights.

Feather Chelle's writing shines in its ability to weave complex environmental themes into an accessible and engaging narrative for middle grade readers.

Stranded is as entertaining as it is enlightening. This children's marine adventure book mixes ecological education with fantasy in a way that is both enjoyable and thought-provoking. The book's blend of adventure, environmentalism, and fantasy will particularly appeal to young readers, especially those interested in marine biology and environmental conservation. It would also be a valuable resource for educators seeking to introduce these themes in an inviting and imaginative context.

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People Safari

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A wonderfully original and very sweetly illustrated picture book. Perfect for restless children at bedtime.

This is a very sweet story. In a nutshell, a group of animals (deer) go on a safari — a human safari! I liked that. It’s different. So, off they go, and what fun they have, getting to see the crazy humans, puzzling over how they stand on their hind legs — and have fingers! I must say, this is a very original story. Not only that, but it's well written, accessible in terms of vocabulary, and there's lots of humour running through the story.

I think most children aged 5-7 will find this an exciting story, particularly when Fawn gets lost in the town and has to find her way home. All in all, this is a gem of a book. It's sweetly illustrated, colorful, and packed full of animal characters for younger children to relate to.

A Wishing Shelf Book Review (condensed by Leonore Dvorkin, editor of People Safari)

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From Readers' Favorites Book Reviews

5 stars

All living creatures have their peculiarities, even humans. You’ve probably studied various animals and wondered what they were thinking and why they were doing what they were doing. Have you ever wondered if those same animals were studying you? And, if so, what did they learn about you? Feather Chelle's People Safari takes a different perspective on the idea of studying others. A deer family is escorted by a raccoon forest ranger to visit a human town and see how people live. The deer are amazed at the rows of buildings the raccoon describes as dens and the noisy monsters that roar into life and zoom past them. The deer are almost caught when they venture into a vegetable garden and start enjoying the feast before them. They learn a lot about humans and yet there is just as much they don’t understand — like why humans waste so much of their food by throwing it into trash bins.

Feather Chelle's picture book, People Safari, is a clever way to view the world of humans. The language is simple so young readers can easily follow along. Told mostly through dialogue, the story will make young readers think twice about some of human beings' peculiar ways. It'll certainly have readers chuckling. The illustrations by Pandu Permana are bright, bold, and colorful and help move the story along. The message in this book is clear: perhaps we need to look closer at ourselves and how we treat the world around us. Perhaps it's time we show a little more respect, not only to each other but to the natural world as well. Beautifully told. Loved it!

—Emily-Jane Hills Orford



Extraordinary Book 1

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Have you ever overheard whispers about yourself? Imagine if you had learned to depend on your ears and could hear even better than the average person. To begin her series about extraordinary preteens overcoming a variety of challenges, the author shares what it was like coming of age as a totally blind student in West Texas.

For Amber, there almost seems to be a contest at her middle school as to who can be the meanest to her. She has to endure humiliation in the school cafeteria, in choir class, at a school dance, at the mall, and even at a family gathering. And always, there are the relentless whispers.

At long last, after meeting other blind kids and then setting a new and better academic course for herself, Amber — who has renamed herself Cheyenne — finds her way to a much happier environment, one in which she can grow and thrive.


From a 5-Star Review on Amazon

This book is full of so much real and raw emotion. As a fellow blind person, there was so much that I could relate to. I even practically cried at some parts because the author does such a great job with bringing the emotions to life. The author did an excellent job explaining how it can feel for people who are different from the majority. It's even better because it's based on a true story. Very well done! Highly recommend!

From The Wishing Shelf, a UK Review Site

4½ Stars

CATCHY QUOTE: "A compelling, coming-of-age story of a blind girl and the hardships and bullying she faced."

I must admit, I spend a lot of my time enjoying plot-driven novels, so it was fun to finally get my hands on a book that's not so much focused on story, but on a particular person´s journey. Whispers is the autobiographical account of a blind teenager, chronicling her life in school and the bullying (and whispers) she faced. Simply written, this is a captivating story offering children aged 9 – 12 a thought-provoking insight into what it must be like to grow up with a disability.

Although it's very sad in parts, and I was often stunned (and angered) by the bullying she faced from her peers, I still very much enjoyed this author's story. Written in the style of a novel, this short book has so much to offer to young readers. And lessons too! The importance of understanding, of kindness, and how wonderful (and harmful) words can be. It's not filled with drama as such; there's no defined beginning, middle and end. The best way of describing this book is a 'journey'. And I must say, I very much enjoyed going along for the ride.

All in all, I'm very happy to recommend this captivating story to 9 – 12 year old children. Also, it would be wonderful in a school library or as a class reader as a catalyst for promoting discussion on disability, bullying, and the power of words.



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About the Author

Mom's Choice Award recipient Feather Chelle is a single mother of five who lives in Texas, along with two grandpuppies and two grandpiggies (guinea pigs). She is totally blind due to a battle with cancer and enjoys homeschooling with her family. She has been in love with the ocean since she was five years old and loves learning more about it every day. She loves to teach and has been writing since the first grade, although her first book was not published until the end of 2020.

If you are interested in receiving a free, printable copy of her ability awareness activity book, The Colors of Darkness, send an email with the word "subscribe" to: feather.chelle.author@gmail.com

If you would like to learn more about her interactive classroom visits on the topic of ability awareness, you may also email the above address.

You can find her educational videos on TikTok or on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/featherchelle

Other social media info can be found at http://featherchelle.com

More books by this author, which are available on Amazon, include:
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Invisible Me
The Colors of Darkness
Ode to Mom
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