E. L. Roff

Inheriting Ghost Manor

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What would you do if you found yourself inheriting a haunted manor?

KT is having the worst year of her life. After the death of her mother, her last living relative, she's being evicted from her family home. She's also broke. Her fiancé has taken off with everything of value in her house and has cleaned out her bank account.

Then, out of the blue, a British lawyer arrives to tell her that she is the sole heir of a recently deceased great-uncle, one George Thorndyke.

With the generous funds supplied by her visitor, KT travels to England, where she will learn the complex details of the inheritance. She's also eager to learn as much as she can about the history of her previously unknown family.

Once in England, she discovers that the centuries-old house she is to inherit is haunted — and that in order to receive the massive fortune, she has to live in the haunted manor for a year.

That's just the beginning of her troubles.

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About the Author

E. L. Roff (Elizabeth Roff) lives just outside Selah, Washington, with her husband of many years. They live in the outskirts of town on a couple of acres of land in Yakima County. They live with her Black Lab guide dog and a large yellow tabby cat.

Born in San Diego County, California, E. L. moved to Yakima when she was eight years old and has been there ever since. She and her husband met in their senior year of high school and married the summer after they graduated. Their daughter lives in Yakima with her husband, and their son lives in Auburn, Washington, with his wife and two children.

E. L. worked for over 27 years as a legal assistant, until her vision loss became too great for her to continue in that field. With extra time on her hands, she turned to writing. She had always loved to read, but she had never written anything but letters and briefs for her work. With her legal career behind her, she decided to try her hand at writing one of her favorite types of fiction, the paranormal. Everyone needs an escape from the stresses of daily living, and reading something different from your everyday experiences is a great route to that.