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A Memoir

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Home for me is a memorized address, dorm room, apartment, premises with floor type identified by my feet, brand loyalties, local radio stations, siblings, and more.

Most young adults leave the physical premises of home. The memories and mementos of home accompany us to new dwellings, spaces, and addresses called home. Thus possessions come with us on the journey. They can be things like brand loyalties, day planners, CD or DVD collections, inner desires for peace and quiet, or some party atmosphere that contributes to our personality.

I am sharing some of my journey, based on my recollection of things that have accompanied me as I have created numerous new homes over this lifetime. I believe home includes our heritage, roots, and evolving faith practices.

We live in a society noted for mobility and change. Our current routines may be temporary but lead to new adventures and people who come onto the stage of our journey. My advice is: Pray to God for strength, welcome new acquaintances, and be flexible. While trust is not a blank check and must be earned, start small and go from there.

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Story by David Russell in the Spring 2019 issue of New Authors Journal

David Russell's story, "Little Man No Big Ham," appears in the Spring 2019 issue of New Authors Journal (Volume XV Number 2), available on Amazon at the following link:


About the Author

David C. Russell is prolific at the piano, old enough to be a qualified kibitzer but still young enough to kvell over good bestowed by the King of the Universe. Practically, David is a husband, the father of two adult children, and grandfather to two granddaughters, Willow and Rowan. David resides with his wife, Sherry, in Lower Michigan, and he is semi-retired but active.

Professionally, David is a short story writer, a pianist specializing in adult contemporary music, and formerly a music therapist and medical transcriptionist.

He published his first novella, Winds of Change, in 2012, and his work has appeared several anthologies:
31 Days Of October: Volume One, by Shae Hamrick (Amazon, 2016)
The Power of Forgiveness: A Collection of Short Stories, by Stephanie Baskerville (Amazon, 2017)
Waiting for Messiah, by David C. Russell and others (Smashwords, September 2017)

David enjoys keeping up with the news, short walks, swimming, playing Uno, and on occasion playing Scrabble. His blog, called "Grafted in and on the Journey," is faith-based and life-based. Go here to read it: http://www.graftedinandonthejourney.blogspot.com

He is also involved with online writing groups and with Scribophile.com, which provides writers the opportunity to give and receive helpful critiques.

Finally, David says one big thank you to his readers!

Contact Information

Email: david.sonofhashem@gmail.com
Phone: 810-364-6755