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Editing and Self-Publishing Clients

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Web page for the book Artful Alchemy

Web page of Peter Altschul, author of Riding Elephants and other books

Web page of Mary Alice Baluck, author of Heaven's Doorway and other books

Web page of Susan Bourrie, author of The Misadventures of Mistletoe Mouse and other books

Web page of Robert T. Branco, author of My Home Away from Home and other books

Web page of Tristen Breitenfeldt, author of The Blind Detective

Web page of Feather Chelle, author of Whispers and other books

Web page of Ann Chiappetta, author of Upwelling and other books

Web page of Toni Erickson, author of Keeping Romance Alive After Children Arrive

Web page of Carol Farnsworth, author of Leaf Memories

Web page of David Faucheux, author of Across Two Novembers

Web page of Glenda Felbush, illustrator

Web page of Jena Fellers, author of From Mishaps to Mission and other books

Web page of Penny Fleckenstein, author of Lessons in Love

Web page of Patty L. Fletcher, author of Campbell's Rambles

Web page of Howard A. Geltman, author of A Few Moments in Time

Web page of Guide Dog Users, Inc., author of A Handbook for the Prospective Guide Dog Handler

Web page of J. D. Hart, author of Drawn to You and The Magic Between

Web page of Gary H. Hensley, author of Red Eyes

Web page of Mary Hiland, author of The Bumpy Road to Assisted Living: A Daughter's Memoir and Insight Out

Web page of Kevin Hubschman, author of Outside the Circle

Web page of Trish Hubschman, author of the Tracy Gayle mysteries

Web page of John Justice, author of It's Still Christmas, The Paddy Stories, and other books

Web page of Frederick J. M. Kamara, author of Lighting the Darkness

Web page of Lynda Lambert, author of Walking by Inner Vision and other books

Web page of Woody Livingston, author of I Can't Hear You, I'm Deaf, Cicirelli's Crusade, and other books.

Web page of Alice Jane-Marie Massa, author of The Christmas Carriage

Web page of Christine McDonald, author of Cry Purple and The Same Kind of Human

Web page of Shelley McMullen, author of Austin Bound

Web page of Tony Medeiros, author of Blocked and Chance Encounter

Web page of Ron Milliman, author of The Giant Collection of Catfish Baits and Rigs

Web page of Michael W. Moran, author of I Did It Without Looking

Web page of Keziah Morgan, author of Sam and Lola: The Meeting

Web page of Jalil Mortazavi, author of From Iran to America and other books

Web page of Brian K. Nash, author of numerous books for children and adults

Web page of DeAnna Noriega, author of Fifty Years of Walking with Friends

Web page of Ann K. Parsons, author of The Demmies

Web page of Nancy D. Pelletier, author of Andrew's Angels

Web page of Thea Ramsay, author of A Very Special House and other books

Web page of Steven P. Roberts, author of The Whys and Whats of Weather and The Great Winter Hurricane

Web page of E. L. Roff, author of Inheriting Ghost Manor and other books

Web page of Hugh Rogers, author of Beyond Two Rivers

Web page of Sally Rosenthal, author of Peonies in Winter

Web page of David C. Russell, author of Homecoming

Web page of Elizabeth L. Sammons, author of The Lyra and the Cross

Web page of Chaim B. Segal, author of The Sayzeh Song

Web page of Richard W. Schmidt, RDN, author of You Can't Outrun that Brownie

Web page of Margaret Ann Gethers Scott, Ph.D., author of I Come from Bowman Lane

Web page of Robert D. Sollars, author of Murder in the Classroom: A Practical Guide for Prevention, Unconventional Customer Service and other books

Web site of Abbie Johnson Taylor, author of My Ideal Partner and other books

Web page of Stephen Theberge, author of the MetSche saga

Web page of Butterfly Thomas, author of Head Held High and other books

Web page of Leonard Tuchyner, author of Merlyn the Magic Turtle

Web page of Natalie Watkins, author of Poetic Pursuit

Web page of Lisbeth Ann Williams, author of Swan Sanctuary's Guide to Responsible Swan Stewardship

Other Clients, Not Listed Above

Not all of our clients have required the full array of our services. In some cases, we have edited books for which we did not handle the publishing. In other cases, we have formatted and published books that we did not edit. Some clients have their own websites and so, unlike those listed above, do not have pages hosted here. The following list includes some of these clients, as well as clients whose books are on our list of future projects.

Ralph and Barbara Alterowitz
Deborah Armstrong
Ernest Dempsey
Grace Franchi
J. Malcolm Garcia
Tirtzah Sandor
David Zindell