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Brian K. Nash was born in 1961 and grew up on a farm in Kansas. Blind from birth, he enjoyed the loving support of his parents and five siblings, who kept him active exploring the woods and riding horses. The many stories they told him and read to him fostered his love of fiction. He began composing his own fiction for children when his daughter Evelyn was small.

He edited the school newspaper at the Kansas School for the Blind. Later on, he received computer training and became an adaptive technician, teaching other blind people to use a computer. He has extensive public speaking experience, especially to groups of schoolchildren, seeking to educate others regarding blindness and the capabilities of the blind.

Henrietta of Valley View Farm is the first of Brian's several books for children, followed by Midnight to the Rescue and then Christmas on Valley View Farm. These three books were followed by Two Best Friends, a story for very young children about a turtle and a frog. His lively, entertaining stories are set in a fictional place that has a lot in common with the locales he knew and loved as a child. The animals—chickens, cats, dogs, horses, birds, frogs, and many more—can talk to each other, and are among the most vivid of the many characters. They often have much to teach their human friends as they work together to overcome whatever challenges are thrown at them. Adventure abounds, and friendship always triumphs in the end.

Talking with Kids: Everything You've Always Wanted to Know about Blindness is based on talks about blindness and adapting to it that Brian gave to schoolchildren in the 1980s.

The Naked Sportsman and Other Stories is a collection of reminiscences from Brian's youth, most of which involve outdoor adventures. He dedicated the collection to his late sister, Susie Robertson. Photos of her appear on the front and back covers of the book.

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Henrietta of Valley View Farm

Henrietta the white hen is famous for her eggs. Midnight is an adventurous black kitten who dreams of glory. After Henrietta rescues Midnight from evil rats who threaten him when he gets trapped, she becomes famous for her bravery and strength, as well. This lively tale, suitable for children 5 to 9, features farm life, friendship, and a wonderful cast of believable animal and human characters.

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Midnight to the Rescue

The adventures on Valley View Farm continue! In this dramatic story, a mean and selfish boy, Razzie Riggs, nearly drowns in a pond. He's rescued by Midnight the kitten and other brave animals. Razzie learns the value of love, kindness, and honesty, and changes his ways along with his name. The cats and the owls also overcome long-standing differences and form new friendships. For children 8 to 11.

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Christmas on Valley View Farm

This third book in the Valley View Farm series, suitable for children 9 to 12, has everything a young reader could desire. Christmas is coming, and young Daniel Riggs is dreaming of what might be in store. But a kidnapper has plans for Daniel's feline friend Midnight. Helped by the talkative farm animals, Daniel faces a bloodthirsty panther, rides a thrilling ghost train, and revels in holiday magic.

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Two Best Friends

Toby the Turtle and Bertram the Frog decide to have a race. When Toby runs into trouble, it's up to Bertram to encourage and then rescue his friend. Using his froggy songs, Bertram gets help from Poppa, the friendly farmer, and all ends happily. Like Brian Nash's other books for young people, this is a wonderful story about friendship, compassion, and persistence. For children 3 to 7.

Praise for Two Best Friends

Brian, [my daughter] just got her book last night, and oh my goodness, it's so adorable and so super cute! She started reading it for her school read and is taking it to school for her show and tell day on Friday for her class and to show her librarian. Congratulations! You are doing a super job.

Amelda Self
Riverside, MO

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Talking with Kids
Everything You've Always Wanted to Know about Blindness

In his first nonfiction book, Brian recounts his experiences speaking to schoolchildren in the 1980s about his lifelong blindness, to which he has adapted with determination, optimism, and humor. Join him as he tells about barbecuing, bicycling, bowling, scuba diving, jumping from high places, Louis Braille, guide dogs, and much more. Cover photo: Brian and Arrow in 1983.

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The Naked Sportsman and Other Stories
(Four for Susie)

In these lively reminiscences, Brian, blind from birth, recalls numerous youthful outdoor adventures in the Midwest. Various family members and friends play prominent roles as his companions. The eloquent foreword describes his determination to build a satisfying life in spite of his lifelong disability. The book is dedicated to his late sister, Janice Susan Nash Robertson (cover photo).

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Anthology Containing a Poem by Brian

Brian's poem "A Heart of Ice" is included in the anthology Awethology Dark.

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Downloading the Anthology

You can find Awethology Dark in e-book and print formats at the following online stores. The e-book is free.
Smashwords — various e-book formats
Amazon — Kindle version
Amazon — print version