Alice Jane-Marie Massa

The Christmas Carriage

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© 2016 by Alice Jane-Marie Massa

To celebrate holiday reading, author Alice Jane-Marie Massa invites you to join her on a snowy, imaginary carriage ride featuring her holiday memoirs, short stories, and poetry.

Spanning from Thanksgiving through the new year, this collection includes her remembrances of Hoosier holidays in the 1950s and 1960s. "The Christmas Carriage" (set in Milwaukee) and "The Puppies of New Year's Eve," along with stories about a military family, two holiday weddings, and a homeless person will warm your heart this winter. From "Zoe's Christmas Eve" to "Snow Dancers," Alice's poetry provides merry and memorable reading for both adults and children.

This book is one you will want to wrap as a holiday gift, as well as a book that you will want to keep beside your chair while you settle into the sparkle and joy of this holiday season.

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Edited by David and Leonore H. Dvorkin
Cover by David Dvorkin

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Table of Contents

Below is the Table of Contents of The Christmas Carriage.

Introduction: Writing Through the Snow
Thanksgiving Vignettes: A Cornucopia of Thanks for Family and Friends around the Thanksgiving Table (memoir)
The Thanksgiving Phone (a short story about a military family)
The Thanksgiving Poetry Game ("how-to" and poem)
Leader Dog Zoe Visits U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree (recent memoir)
The Magic and Wonder of the First Weekend of December (memoir)
Making a Christmas Card: Keeping a Christmas Memory of the Best Gift Ever ("how-to" and memoir)
Zoe's Christmas Eve (story poem for children and adults)
Hallmark of a Home for the Holidays (memoir)
2000 Holiday Wishes! (poem)
The Christmas Carriage (short story about a Christmas Eve carriage ride)
Acrostic Christmas Gift (poem)
A Sign of Peace at Cocoa with the Clauses (short story about a homeless person)
Winter in Wisconsin: A Hard Time to Be Homeless (essay)
Blissful Bells (short story about two weddings on December 30)
The Puppies of New Year's Eve (short story about adopting two puppies and a new way of life)
Still Dreaming of a White Christmas, but Waiting for Global Warming (humorous essay)
A Snowflake Garden (poem)
Snow Dancers (poem for children and adults)
About the Author
About Leonore and David Dvorkin

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About the Author

photo of alice massa with her leader dog, willow

Alice and her fourth Leader Dog, Willow,
are at the bridge to a new season of life together.
(Photo by Christie Bane,
GDMI at Leader Dogs for the Blind)

Although Alice Jane-Marie Massa has lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for over 25 years, growing up in the rural Indiana town of Blanford (with a population of approximately 400) influenced the subject matter and style of her writing. After earning master's degrees from Indiana State University and Western Michigan University, Alice, still a Hoosier at heart, taught for 25 years, including 14 years of teaching writing and public speaking at Milwaukee Area Technical College. Having retired from teaching English and grading stacks of student papers, she now focuses on her own writing.

Alice invites you to visit her blog
where, since January of 2013, she has posted weekly her poetry, essays, memoirs, or short stories. Her writings on Wordwalk frequently focus on her Indiana hometown of Blanford, her four guide dogs, her Italian ancestors, and writing. Additionally, some of her writing pieces have been published in Indiana Voice Journal, Magnets and Ladders, Dialogue, Newsreel, and The ACB Braille Forum, as well as in the anthology Behind Our Eyes: A Second Look.

Away from her desk, Alice enjoys reading, container gardening, and the television program Jeopardy. Since March 21, 1990, Alice's guide dogs have added sparkle, spirit, and independence to her life. Currently, most of all, she is grateful for her long walks with her fourth Leader Dog, Willow (a black Labrador), who is following very well in the amazing pawprints of Alice's beloved first three Leader Dogs—Keller (a Golden Retriever), Heather (a Yellow Labrador), and Zoe (a Black Lab/Golden Retriever mix).

Contact Information

Telephone: (414) 224-1686